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On Site Tailor

Your purchase will be custom tailored to suit you. In a bind for time? We’ll make it happen when you need it.

AppointmentsWe know you can’t always make it during our regular business hours. Give us a call and we’ll arrange a time that works with your schedule.


In a hurry, pull up right in front and we can run your purchases out to you or watch your car.

Wardrobe Consultation

Need a new wardrobe and don’t know where to start? Don’t know how to coordinate what you have in your closet? One of our knowledgeable sales associates can help, starting in your own closet. We will arrange for an associate to come to your home, take inventory of your current wardrobe, and suggest ways to work with what you have as well as suggest items you may want to consider to prepare for the upcoming seasons. And, our tailor can readjust older items so that they can be worn and enjoyed anew.

Kids Room

It can be difficult to enjoy your shopping experience when you have children to occupy. Duggers will entertain them for you in our fantastic kids room. With beanbag chairs, colouring books, cartoons and colourful surroundings, your kids will want you to keep on shopping. We’ve even got the snack covered with free popcorn and a can of pop.Store Policies

Return Policy

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, feel free to return it. We’re happy to offer you a repair, replacement or refund. Duggers will do what it takes to keep you satisfied.

Gift Cards

The perfect gift is the one that always fits. Duggers gift cards can be for as little or as much as you would like and they will never expire.

Giving you the Inside Scoop

Make sure to give us your contact information so that we can let you know about promotions, events and new arrivals. You can choose how we contact you whether it is via email, phone or regular mail.

If we have your mailing address, you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of our next magazine.